Veterinary Pain Management Workshop - Veterinary Online Courses

Dr. Mark E. Epstein, DVM,
Dipl. ABVP (C/F), CVPP



The Topics that will be covered:

  • What you need to know about Normal and Maladaptive Pain Processing (& Syndromes You’ll Encounter)
    • Basic neurophysiologic mechanisms of protective pain.
    • Neurophysiology of maladaptive pain – why and how does pain go wrong.
    • Neuropathic Pain states and syndromes every clinician will encounter.
  • When, Why, and How to Utilize Adjunctive Pain-Modifying Medications
    • Comparative evidence re: tramadol, gabapentin, TCAs (amitriptyline), SS(N)RI’s, amantadine, acetaminophen, CBD, and others in humans, dogs and cats.
    • Practical tips utilizing adjunctive pain-modifying medications in acute/surgical and chronic pain.
    • New and future pain-modifying medications on (and coming) to the veterinary formulary.
  • The Foundation: Highest, Wisest, Safest use of NSAID and Opioids
    • How to minimize and even avoid NSAID-related adverse events.
    • Current landscape of opioid use in veterinary medicine.
    • “Opioid-Less”: Practical tips for using less opioid in peri-surgical protocols.
  • Putting It All Together: Evidence-based Approach to Acute-, Chronic, – and Acute-on-Chronic Pain
      • Sample protocols for transoperative pain management in the uncomplicated surgical patient.
      • Modifying transoperative pain management protocols for the patient already in chronic pain.
      • Evidence based pyramid for managing Osteoarthritis in dogs (and a discussion of cats as well).


    • Addressing suspected neuropathic pain in dogs and cats.

Let Dr. Mark Epstein help you eliminate the stress with your veterinary pain management
topics by providing a blueprint for success. Feel at ease with each and every procedure by
incorporating the lessons, tips, and tricks in learning with others online.



I created this workshop with general practice veterinarians in mind to give you the blueprint and step-by-step plan to complete your pain management topics with confidence, efficiency, and high standard care for your patients.

Here is what you get during the 8 weeks course:

  • Four ninety-minute Hand-Picked Topics with a detailed discussion about each Topic.
  • Four ninety-minute Live Q and A sessions with Dr. Mark
  • A Facebook group for you to interact with fellow students, discuss your personal cases and ponder questions for the monthly discussion.

12 RACE CE Hours $495

Don’t miss this fantastic novel opportunity to learn and interact in a dynamic community of like minded veterinarians dedicated to practicing quality veterinary pain management!

Dr. Mark E. Epstein, DVM, Dipl. ABVP(C/F), CVPP