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Tooth Formation Abnormalities

Brett December 12, 2019

Tooth Formation Abnormalities


Persistent deciduous tooth (DT/P):

A deciduous tooth that is present when it should have exfoliated

Supernumerary tooth (T/SN):

Presence of an extra tooth (also called hyperdontia)

Hypodontia (HYP):

Developmental absence of few teeth

Oligodontia (OLI):

Developmental absence of numerous teeth

Anodontia (ANO):

Failure of all teeth to develop

Macrodontia (T/MAC):

Tooth/teeth are larger than normal

Microdontia (T/MIC):

Tooth/teeth are smaller than normal

Transposition (T/TRA):

Two teeth that have exchanged position

Fusion (T/FUS):

Combining of adjacent tooth germs and resulting in partial or complete union of the developing teeth; also called synodontia

Concrescence (T/CCR):

Fusion of the roots of two or more teeth at the cementum level

Fused roots (T/FDR):

Fusion of roots of the same tooth

Gemination (T/GEM):

A single tooth bud’s attempt to divide partially (cleft of the crown) or completely (presence of an identical supernumerary tooth); also called twinning

Supernumerary root (T/SR):

Presence of an extra root

Dilaceration (T/DIL):

Disturbance in tooth development, causing the crown or root to be abruptly bent or crooked

Dens invaginatus (T/DEN):

Invagination of the outer surface of a tooth into the interior, occurring in either the crown (involving the pulp chamber) or the root (involving the root canal); also called dens in dente

Enamel pearl (E/P):

Small, nodular growth on the root of a tooth made of enamel with or without a small dentin core and sometimes a covering of cementum

Unerupted tooth (T/U):

Tooth that has not perforated the oral mucosa

Embedded tooth (T/E):

Unerupted tooth covered in bone whose eruption is compromised by lack of eruptive force

Impacted tooth (T/I):

Unerupted or partially erupted tooth whose eruption is prevented by contact with a physical barrier

Dentigerous cyst (DTC):

Odontogenic cyst initially formed around the crown of a partially erupted or unerupted tooth; also called follicular cyst or tooth-containing cyst; removal is abbreviated DTC/R

Folliculitis (FOL):

Inflammation of the follicle of a developing tooth

Pericoronitis (PEC):

Inflammation of the soft tissues surrounding the crown of a partially erupted tooth