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Start Your Journey

Gero February 25, 2020


Thank you for becoming a member of the Veterinary Dentistry Academy. I am here to help solve any problems you encounter along the way and make sure your journey is successful!

Please jot down or bookmark your username and password to this site to maintain constant access to all the webinars and resources.

Start your journey by completing reading all of the information on this page. I would suggest that start with the Secrets of Dental Success Online Course first. This course will guide your practice workflow and protocol and get you up and running. Then proceed as you like through the other 5 courses. You can watch these as many times as you want, whenever you want. Once you have a good foundation the canine and feline live courses will sharpen the saw and give you the surgery techniques to combine with the knowledge from the online courses to provide the best care for your patients with dental disease and skyrocket your dentistry service. I will be there for you along the way if you need any direction or guidance.

Please Read and Follow All Instructions on This Page Before Proceeding to the Rest of the Site

Live Courses

Canine and Feline Live Courses are given every spring and fall near Orlando, Florida

Veterinary Dental Radiology for the Veterinarian & Technician are given throughout the year in various cities around the country.

Live Course Discount Codes:
Extraction Wet Lab Weekends Discount: wetlab

Link to our Live Courses


Our Academy Membership Site on Facebook Groups

Use the Private Group link at the top of the page to access the Private Facebook page. Once you are there please request an invitation. My staff will make sure that you have access within 48 hours. Please bookmark the page in your browser so that you don’t have to be on the Academy platform to access the Group in the future.

You can post cases, ask questions about cases and radiographs or seek help from me and others in your quest to create the ultimate dentistry service for your practice.

Please use this valuable resource for all case submissions so all can benefit from the answers to your case questions.

Join Facebook Group

PLEASE NOTE: All cases that are not anesthesia sensitive should be posted on the Facebook group rather than to me via email so that all may have a chance to comment and learn.

See you there,


Use your Smart Phone to CREATE a contact for yourself then SHARE with me

Please Complete this today so that you are prepared to text any urgent case questions in the future:

Use your Smart Phone to CREATE a contact for yourself then SHARE with me

Please do NOT directly text your contact information.. If you don’t know how to create and send a contact see the links below:


Please include in the contact information

Your First and Last Name, Cell Phone, Clinic Name, City State

Then share the contact with me at 941-268-1019

Once complete you are in the system to text cases you have questions about while the patient is under anesthesia.


The online courses can be viewed by the veterinarian/s and by any of the staff in their practice for training. The CE associated with the online courses can be used by anyone in the practice one time. In other words for Canine Dentistry, all 8 hours has to be used by one person. That person will take the exam for the Canine Dentistry course and receive 8 hours of CE. No one else can take that exam and receive CE subsequently for the canine exam. You have 3 tries to pass a simple online exam for each course. Once the exam is passed you will be awarded a CE certificate. If you are the only veterinarian and you don’t need all 41 CE hours for the current year you can take the exams for the courses in the year that you want the CE hours.

Please note: You will be given a pdf CE certificate upon completion of the exam for each course. Download it AND print it for your records, as this can’t be reproduced.

You can contact me at [email protected]

Any urgent concerns feel free to call me at 941-268-1019

Thanks again I look forward to seeing you through to success!

Enjoy the Journey,