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Periodontal Treatment

Brett December 12, 2019

Periodontal Treatment


Professional oral care

includes mechanical procedures performed in the oral cavity.

Professional dental cleaning (PRO)

refers to scaling (supragingival and subgingival plaque and calculus removal) and polishing of the teeth with power/hand instrumentation performed by a trained veterinary health care provider under general anesthesia. See also AVDC Position Statements on Dental Health Care Providers and and on Non-Professional Dental Scaling.

Periodontal therapy

refers to treatment of diseased periodontal tissues that includes professional dental cleaning as defined above and one or more of the following: root planing, gingival curettage, periodontal flaps, regenerative surgery, gingivectomy/gingivoplasty, and local administration of antiseptics/antibiotics.

Home oral hygiene

refers to measures taken by pet owners that are aimed at controlling or preventing plaque and calculus accumulation.

Gingival curettage (GC):

Removal of damaged or diseased tissue from the soft tissue lining of a periodontal pocket.

Root planing (RP):

Removal of dental deposits from and smoothing of the root surface of a tooth; it is closed


when performed without a flap or open


when performed after creation of a flap.

Gingivectomy (GV):

Removal of some or all gingiva surrounding a tooth

Gingivoplasty (GV):

A form of gingivectomy performed to restore physiological contours of the gingiva

Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR):

Regeneration of tissue directed by the physical presence and/or chemical activities of a biomaterial; often involves placement of barriers to exclude one or more cell types during healing of tissue

Crown lengthening (CR/L):

Increasing clinical crown height by means of gingivectomy/gingivoplasty, apically positioned flaps, post and core build-up, or orthodontic movement

Frenuloplasty (frenulotomy, frenulectomy) (FRE):

Reconstructive surgery or excision of a frenulum

Hemisection (HS):

Splitting of a tooth into two separate portionsB

Trisection (TS):

Splitting of a tooth into three separate portions.

Partial tooth resection (T/XP):

Removal of a crown-root segment with endodontic treatment of the remainder of the tooth

Root resection/amputation (RO/X):

Removal of a root with maintenance of the entire crown and endodontic treatment of the remainder of the tooth