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Brett December 12, 2019



Malocclusion (MAL) is any deviation from normal occlusion described above.

Malocclusion may be due to abnormal positioning of a tooth or teeth (dental malocclusion) or due to asymmetry or other deviation of bones that support the dentition (skeletal malocclusion).

The diagnosis for a patient with malocclusion is abbreviated as: MAL (malocclusion) 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 (= malocclusion class designation)/specific malocclusion abbreviation and tooth or teeth number(s).
Example: MAL1/CB/R202 for a dog with class 1 malocclusion and a rostral crossbite of the left maxillary second incisor.
If multiple teeth have the same malocclusion, include the tooth numbers with a comma in between e.g. MAL1/CB/R202,302