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Lymph Nodes

Brett December 12, 2019

Lymph Nodes


Lymph node (LN):

Lymphoid tissue that produces lymphocytes and has a capsule; filtering lymph fluid, as afferent lymph vessels enter the node and efferent lymph vessels leave the node

Tonsil (TON):

Lymphoid tissue that produces lymphocytes but lacks a capsule; not filtering lymph fluid, as there are no afferent lymph vessels

Lymph node enlargement (LN/E):

Palpable or visual enlargement of a lymph node

Regional metastasis (MET/R):

Neoplastic spread to regional lymph node(s) confirmed by biopsy

Distant metastasis (MET/D):

Neoplastic spread to distant sites confirmed by biopsy or diagnostic imaging

Lymph node resection (LN/X):

Surgical removal of a lymph node