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Grafts and Related Terminology

Brett December 12, 2019

Grafts and Related Terminology



Act or process of transferring something from one part or individual to another.


Something that is transferred from one part or individual to another.

Graft (GF):

Non-living material or living tissue used for implantation or transplantation to replace a diseased part or compensate for a defect.

Gingival graft (GF/G):

Gingiva or gingiva-like tissue (e.g., from the hard palate) used to replace gingiva in a gingival defect.

Connective tissue graft (GF/CT):

Connective tissue from a keratinized mucosa (e.g., from the hard palate) placed in a gingival defect and which is partially or completely covered with gingiva and/or alveolar mucosa in the recipient bed.

Mucosal graft (GF/M)

Mucosa used to take place of a removed piece of mucosa or cover a mucosal defect.

Bone graft (GF/B):

A surgical procedure by which bone or a bone substitute is used to take place of a removed piece of bone or bony defect.

Cartilage graft (GF/C):

Cartilage used to to take the place of a removed piece of bone or fill a bony defect.

Skin graft (GF/S):

Skin used to take place of a removed piece of skin/mucosa or skin/mucosa defect.

Venous graft (GF/V):

A vein used to take place of a removed segment of artery/vein or arterial/venous defect.

Nerve graft (GF/N):

A nerve used to take place of a removed segment of nerve or nerve defect.

Fat graft (GF/F):

Adipose tissue used to provide volume to a defect or to prevent ingrowth of other tissues into the defect.


Tissue transferred from one area to another area of the animal’s own body.


Tissue transferred between genetically identical animals.


Tissue transferred between genetically dissimilar animals of the same species.


Tissue transferred between animals of different species.

Particulate graft:

A graft containing equally or variably-sized particles.

Full-thickness graft:

A graft consisting of the full thickness of tissue.

Partial-thickness (split-thickness) graft:

A graft consisting of a portion of the thickness of a tissue.

Mesh graft:

A type of partial-thickness graft in which multiple small incisions have been made to increase stretching and flexibility of the graft.

Composite graft:

A graft composed of at least two different tissues, e.g., skin-muscle-and-bone graft.

Implant (IMP):

Something inserted into or applied onto living tissue.


The act or process of inserting something into or applying something onto living tissue.