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Flap Procedures

Brett December 12, 2019

Direction and Orientation of Transfer:

Envelope flap (F/EN): Retracted away from a horizontal incision; there is no vertical incision

Advancement (or sliding) flap (F/AD): 
Carried to its new position by a sliding technique in a direction away from its base

Rotation flap (F/RO): A pedicle flap that is rotated into a defect on a fulcrum point

Transposition flap (F/TR): Flap that combines the features of an advancement flap and a rotation flap

Hinged flap (F/HI): Folded on its pedicle as though the pedicle was a hinge; also called a turnover or overlapping flap

Apically positioned flap (F/AP): Moved apical to its original location

Coronally positioned flap (F/CO): Moved coronal to its original location

Mesiodistally or distomesially positioned flap: Moved distal or mesial to its original location along the dental arch; also called a laterally positioned flap (F/LA)