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Five case studies- Case 3

Brett December 16, 2019

Case studies that highlight the importance of timely veterinary dental referrals.

Figure 3A

Case 3: Chronic facial lesion
Often, chronic facial lesions are a result of oral pathology. The most common manifestation is a suborbital fistula secondary to periodontal disease or endodontic disease associated with the maxillary fourth premolar.

This patient’s right maxillary fourth premolar was extracted one year before presentation (Figure 3A). A chronically recurring lesion periodically responsive to antibiotics was noted rostral and ventral to the classic suborbital location. The patient was lethargic and anorectic. Neoplasia was a consideration.

Figure 3B

Radiographs revealed a root tip that was left from the extraction (Figure 3B).



Figure 3C

Extraction of the tip (Figure 3C) resulted in fast resolution of the defect and clinical signs. Root tips always should be removed to prevent this common problem. Cases in which tooth fragments left after extraction lead to complications such as facial lesions often result in litigation, so preoperative and postoperative radiographs are essential in every patient undergoing an extraction to ensure complete removal.