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Case Quiz #15

Gero February 18, 2020

Veterinary Dentistry Case Quiz #15

This four-year-old cat has a 3-year history of proliferative oral lesions requiring multiple excisions and dental cleaning procedures.





What are the possible rule outs for the oral masses?





Eosinophilic granuloma

Infectious-Bacterial, Fungal

Multiple foreign bodies

Gingival hyperplasia-drug induced or other


No caudal mucositis was present.  Please review the radiographs.


What are your findings?



Multiple areas of tooth resorption and marginal bone loss are present.



Assuming that CBC, Chemistry profile, U/A and retroviral tests were all negative what is the next step?



Multiple excisional biopsies are indicated. Due to the history, a benign multifocal odontogenic neoplasm was suspected (multiple feline epulides), therefore, extractions were performed of teeth adjacent to proliferate tissue.  Images depict the oral cavity after closure of the biopsy and extraction sites.



Multicentric Fibrosarcoma.  This condition is generally associated with soft tissue sarcomas and has not been described in the veterinary literature to occur in the oral cavity of dogs or cats.