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Case 2

Gero February 21, 2020

Sunny is a 10 year old greyhound that has had yearly cleanings at a general practice. Recently the owner noted that he licks a lot after eating “like he is has something stuck in his mouth” He also has a more pronounced odor although he has always had “bad breath”


1. Please use your clinic dental chart or print out the dental chart provided in the resources and chart your findings (noting that you will not be able to assess pocket depths or exact gingival recession measurements) for the right maxilla as pictured below. The dental chart provided has a diagnosis and treatment image. We find that this eliminates the clutter and confusion of one image charts. You are welcome to customize this chart and use it for your clinic if you like. You can also purchase an app that will allow you to annotate the chart. It is for ipad/iphone only.


2. Note radiographic findings below on the chart on the diagnosis side.


3. Putting together the clinical picture and the radiographic findings chart the treatment that you would recommend on the treatment side.

4. The chronic periodontal changes have been progressing for years. Do you feel that what you observe on the right maxilla is responsible for the signs or might there be something else present?

Please join me in the video for a discussion.



Mandibular First Molar Extraction in the Dog


Below are two client education videos I did for Heathy Mouth. This is our go to product for plaque control and home care. You are welcome to use these in your practice for staff or client education.

Healthy Mouth Client Education – The Need to Start Young


Healthy Mouth Client Education – Anesthesia


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