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Case 1

Gero February 21, 2020

Welcome to your first case in the Veterinary Dentistry Case Workshop. Please progress from top to bottom on the page. I chose to post videos as individual media rather than creating one video so that you could go back to review videos individually later without having to find the correct section in one video.





Please write down your answers to the following questions. I will go over the answers in the video that follows along with a description of the case.


What is your diagnosis and treatment recommendation for this patient?

What is the first thing that you would do medically upon admission for treatment of this patient?


CRI and Nerve Block Effects


Mandibular Quadrant Extraction in a Cat with Stomatitis


Football Technique for Quadrant Closure Preparation


Clearing the Oropharynx and Trachea Post Procedure


Feline Stomatitis Case Workshop Resources