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Asymmetrical Skeletal Malocclusions

Brett December 12, 2019

Asymmetrical Skeletal Malocclusions:


Maxillomandibular Asymmetry – Class 4 Malocclusion: (MAL4)

Asymmetry in a rostrocaudal, side-to-side, or dorsoventral direction:

Maxillomandibular asymmetry in a rostrocaudal direction (MAL4/RC) occurs when mandibular mesioclusion or distoclusion is present on one side of the face while the contralateral side retains normal dental alignment.

Maxillomandibular asymmetry in a side-to-side direction (MAL4/STS) occurs when there is a loss of the midline alignment of the maxilla and mandible.

Maxillomandibular asymmetry in a dorsoventral direction (MAL4/DV) results in an open bite, which is defined as an abnormal vertical space between opposing dental arches when the mouth is closed.

The expression “wry bite” is a layman term that has been used to describe a wide variety of unilateral occlusal abnormalities. Because “wry bite” is non-specific, its use is not recommended.