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Abnormalities Affecting Enamel

Brett December 12, 2019

Enamel Abnormalities


Abrasion (AB):

Tooth wear caused by contact of a tooth with a non-dental object

Attrition (AT):

Tooth wear caused by contact of a tooth with another tooth

Erosion (ER):

Demineralization of tooth substance due to external acids

Caries (CA):

Degradation of dental hard tissue caused by demineralization due to acids released during bacterial fermentation of carbohydrates

Enamel defect (ED):

Lesion affecting the structural integrity of enamel

Enamel hypoplasia (E/H):

Refers to inadequate deposition of enamel matrix. This can affect one or several teeth and may be focal or multifocal. The crowns of affected teeth can have areas of normal enamel next to areas of hypoplastic or missing enamel.

Enamel hypomineralization (E/HM):

Refers to inadequate mineralization of enamel matrix. This often affects several or all teeth. The crowns of affected teeth are covered by soft enamel that may be worn rapidly.

Enamel infraction (T/FX/EI):

Incomplete fracture (crack) of the enamel without loss of tooth substance

Enamel fracture (T/FX/EF):

Fracture with loss of crown substance confined to the enamel