The Veterinary Practice Advertorial Masterclass

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The Veterinary Practice Advertorial Masterclass

How to create educational content that drives clients in the door of your practice instead of falling flat.

Practices have always wanted to educate clients with content but nearly all “educational” content has one major drawback – it doesn’t actually help clients take action.

This problem is a universal experience for most practices, the content you put so much effort into giving clients fantastic advice simple falls flat once published.

It isn’t your fault – the information isn’t wrong, in fact it is WAY better than any other source, it is simply the format.

You may have heard that the best advertisement is one that doesn’t look or feel like an ad, but your clients don’t want to read text books either.

In this all-new course, I’ll be sharing and showing you how you can create advertorial content for your veterinary practice’s clients that will drive return on investment. I’ll go over tips and tricks you can use to effectively stop wasting time, money, and energy with educational content that doesn’t convert. Get a framework for how to educate clients in a way that will increase compliance.

You’ll be able to educate properly but also drive action into your practice like never before.

7 Educational Modules That Give You A Way To Create Content That Converts

What should you create content around? You have so much specific knowledge that could be helpful, but we tailor this knowledge around offers- that way you’ll be able to drive return on investment.

Best of all, this type of content is one that you can use it over again and again for years.

The Perfect Advertorial Framework

Here you’ll learn the effective formula on how to create the perfect advertorial that will draw the right clients into your practice. You won’t have to use guess work or hope that you’re putting in the right ingredients to deliver great content that converts.

Save $150

The Full Course Will contain pre-recorded modules and work books. You’ll also have access to me 1-on-1 if you need any help.

Veterinary Advertorial Master Class Overview

  • Module 1: Identifying & Crafting The Perfect Offer
  • Module 2: Finding The Perfect Client For Your Offer
  • Module 3: Advertorial Overview – What is it and what are your goals
  • Module 4: Veterinary Advertorial Framework Formula how to set up your educational content so it drives conversion
  • Module 5: Mediums For Your Advertorial – how to adapt the messaging to different mediums including video, audio and written
  • Module 6: Get the word out, how to get your content seen by your ideal clients
  • Module 7: Evergreen planning- how to use this content as a method for consistently generating new clients